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  • 體液包括尿液、糞便、分泌物、精液等。應該提供新鮮標本送檢。

  • 留大、小便標本:先領取乾淨的小便及大便容器。留小便時應排掉前段尿液,接取中段尿液
  • 半杯送檢。取大便標本後挑取糞便不同部分,量如花生粒大小放進盒中送檢。


  • 分泌物標本:一般由醫護人員在中心內取。分泌物標本包括陰道分泌物,常用作陰道分泌常
  • 規檢查,衣原體檢查等。


  • 精液樣本須自行在家中或診所留取,並三天前禁止性行為。2-3小時內新鮮標本為佳。不可
  • 將精液留在避孕套內,要直接留入容器內。




  • Do not eat or drink for 1 hour before taking KLEAN-PREP. Take KLEAN-PREP slowly to prevent abdominal distention and vomiting. 2) For diabetes mellitus patients, please stop taking medicine on that day. No need to stop taking anti-hypertensive drugs.

  • If sedative medicine is given, patient may feel drowsy and need to be accompanied by family when listening to the report of examination. Do not drive or sign legal document after procedure.

  • Patients are suggested to drink more clear fluid as it helps achieving a better result of bowel preparation. If the colour of the final stage of stool is clear and of light yellow colour like urine, the bowel preparation is completed